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25 Totally Awesome Travel Gifts That Everyone Will Love

25 Totally Awesome Travel Gifts That Everyone Will Love

Happy Holidays, travelers! And families and friends of travelers! Isn’t this just the best time of the whole year??


Who here knows someone that “has it all figured out” when it comes to their travel gear? From favorite gadgets to luggage they seem to have it all covered. Why try to change perfection?

Well, that’s why I put together this collection. I choose unique items that are practical and will make traveling EASIER!!


Basically, I went shopping for myself. I seriously want all of these things. (Lookin’ at you, family!)


So, if you’re shopping for that hard-to-buy-for traveler, or for yourself, here are my recommendations for the holidays or for any time of the year!!!


*This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission from purchases made through them. All reviews and recommendations I make, however, are of my own genuine opinion. You can read more in my Disclosure Statement.



Travel Cord Roll

cord roll

I really hate reaching into my bag and feeling a knot of chargers and cords. Avoid the tangled mess in the pocket of your bag by organizing them in this sleek travel roll. Easy to access and all in one spot!


AirPods Protective Charging Case


airpods case

Keep your AirPods safe in a slim and easy to carry silicone case. Ultra lightweight and comes in 5 different colors, this will keep your tiny music makers scratch-free.


Headphone Wrap Keychain


headphone wrap

Another brilliant and stylish cord management solution! Wrap ’em up while you’re not using them to avoid the terrible tangle in your pocket.


White Branch Headphones Splitter


headphone splitter

Perfect for sharing your music with your travel partner. Or better yet, let the kids share their media. Three ports for extra sharing. And you know what they say about sharing….


Ultra Compact Portable Charger

portable charger

The one thing that every traveler needs more of (and never has enough of) is battery life. And space. You can get nearly two full charges lightning fast from this device which is so compact it can fit in your pocket. Win WIN Win.



World Travel Adapter


travel adapter

Anyone who is traveling internationally needs to have a universal adapter plug. With this adapter from LOOP, never worry again about not having the right plug for your devices.



Trtl Neck Support Pillow


travel pillow

Forget what you know about sleep-on-a-plane, my friends. This isn’t your ordinary travel pillow. Instead of flimsy cushions that take up valuable space in your carry-on, the Trtl pillow stabilizes the neck with a comfortable fleece wrap. AND it takes up less space than a bulky pillow. Thank me later. Even if you’re not in the market for a new travel pillow, it’s at least worth reading the first review.



A Quirky Sleep Mask


eye mask

Block out all that annoying light with a quirky sleep mask so you can actually get some rest. There are plenty of silly ones out there so choose one for your personality and pass the eff out.



Ostrich Pillow

ostrich pillow

Alright, this is only in here as a partial joke. I kind of love this concept, so if you don’t mind literally looking like an ostrich while you sleep comfortably, this pillow is for you.



Pack This! Checklist Pad

packing checklist

Stocking stuffer alert!! Make sure everything gets in your suitcase every time with this handy checklist. For an added bonus, send them over to my 5 Easy Steps to Pack for a Stress-Free Family Vacation!


Cube Luggage Organizers

travel cubes

These cubes are great for maximising space in your suitcase and keeping it organized. Practical and efficient!



Luggage Strap & Lock

luggage strap

This bright and stylish rainbow strap is truly multi-functional. Keep your suitcase from opening unexpectedly in transit. Ensure security with a three-dial TSA lock. And streamline your time in baggage claim by being able to quickly identify your luggage. Yes!



Barrel Toiletry Bag

barrel makeup bag

Maximize space in your suitcase with this barrel-shaped toiletry bag. It has a large capacity and internal pockets to organize all your products. Waterproof with a drawstring closure. Super functional!



Digital Luggage Scale

luggage scale

Ok, so a luggage scale isn’t the sexiest of gifts, but it may very well be the most useful. Trust me when I tell you, you do NOT want to find out your bags are overweight at the check-in counter! Avoid the anxiety by weighing your luggage ahead of time. Sleek and compact, this is easy to stow in the side pocket of your bag.




Travel Humidifier


Keep the nasties at bay with this travel humidifier! Battery operated and compatible with a standard-sized water bottle, you are always ready for a perfectly misted climate.



First Aid Kit

first aid kit

Let’s get serious. Accidents happen. Like, for a random example, when you step on a piece of glass walking through the streets of Tbilisi. Always be prepared with the most compact and complete first aid kit you can buy! It easily fits in your backpack and has over 100 items – all the essentials you would need in case of an emergency!


Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

antitheft bag

This fantastic bag has a boat-load of security features while retaining a sleek and sophisticated look. RFID blockers, cut-proof strap, lockable zippers, and organizing pockets. Travel with peace of mind knowing that you won’t be a victim of pickpocketing because the last thing your epic vacation needs is a stolen passport. Womp womp.




Travel Beach/Picnic Blanket

travel blanket

Relax anywhere you are with this ultra-compact and durable picnic blanket! It folds up to fit in a 6x8in pouch and has sand pockets to anchor it at the beach or store belongings. Great to have on-hand!



Waterproof Cellphone Case

waterproof cell phone case

Probably the second worst thing than losing your passport. Protect your beloved cell phone from the dreaded splash with this waterproof case. Great for boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing trips, and even skiing! The manufacturer also claims you can take pictures underwater with it. So there’s that!




A Versatile Scarf


I always love a good lightweight scarf when traveling. I have romantic visions of Audrey Hepburn with her hair tied up in a classic vintage look. Change up your style (to get more out of your wardrobe), or use as an extra accessory. The key here is lightweight- you don’t want anything too bulky to take up valuable space or weight.



Crumpled City Map


These are so cool!!! A complete city guide, including details to a large part of the city. And best of all, you don’t have to figure out the annoying folds of a typical paper tourist map only to have it tear. It folds up extremely small, weighs less than an ounce, is completely waterproof, and comes with its own drawstring storage bag. Or feel free to just stuff it back in your pocket until you need it again. Available for: London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Edinburgh, Tokyo, Berlin, Washington, and SO many more!




“Mind the Gap” Patch



A great stocking stuffer and a fun iron-on patch for all Anglophiles.




Stylish Travel Journal

travel journal

Keep your memories as you make them! I love always having a notebook on me to jot down spur-of-the-moment inspiration. Journals are great for any traveler to preserve their adventures. And with a durable wool cover and elastic closure strap, this journal is the perfect companion.



Statement Coffee Table Book

beaches book

Get your favorite traveler a statement coffee tale book to showcase their eclectic tastes. With bright, beautiful photographs, you will inspire your loved one to keep on traveling. Or chase away the winter blues with beautiful beachy pictures.



Travel Fund Savings Box

travel fund box

So what does every chronic traveler do as soon as they return home? Plan their next trip. Help them set aside some extra moola for their next great adventure!



That’s it for now! If you liked these recommendations, make sure to check out these other great posts!




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