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Best Cafés in Yerevan

Best Cafés in Yerevan

By far one of my favorite things to do when exploring a new city is to sit in a café and take in the surrounding atmosphere. Watch the people, watch the staff. What is the coffee served with? How is it presented? 

Cafés represent comfort. A good café is warm and inviting, aiming to get you to stay as long as possible. That place where you can sit with a friend and chat for hours over a cappuccino. Or spend an afternoon by yourself with a good book. Or even with your laptop to create an instant workspace.

A good café understands the hum of the city, knowing how to create a space to fill whatever void you may be feeling at the moment.


Need a snack? Café.

Need WiFi? Café.

Need a pick-me-up? Café. 

Need a filler in your schedule before you do the next thing? Café.


Yerevan is no different than many other cities around the world. There exists a café culture around which the city circles. In the summer, people sit in outdoor cafés into the late evening enjoying the weather and each other’s company.

This abundance of cafés tends to make it difficult to find the truly outstanding ones, but that’s why I’m here to help. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I recently went on a self-guided coffee tour of Yerevan just for this post. Here is a list of my favorite cafés in Yerevan to satisfy your next coffee fix! 



The Green Bean

Address: 10 Amiryan Street or 38 Isahakyan St (in Cascade Complex)

green bean 1green bean 2

All right, many of my local friends will roll their eyes at me for this one, but I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention it. This is, after all, a list of MY favorite cafes in Yerevan (not theirs), and it, sure enough, is one of my favorite cafes in Yerevan. It isn’t exactly a hidden gem. It’s not even just kind-of known. It’s a loud, bright, shining coffee-bean-shaped diamond in the middle of the city. The Green Bean is sort of the Yerevan equivalent of Starbucks. Ok, so maybe that’s a bit of a stretch. But I stand by it.

In the first few transitional months after moving to Armenia in 2015, I spent many, many hours here working on coursework to finish my master’s degree. As any self-respecting millennial would at Starbucks. 

The Green Bean is an American-style coffee shop (even owned by an American expat) and is sort of an institution in Yerevan.

With two city-centered locations and one right on the Cascade complex, it has a well-established presence, supports the community, and prides itself on sustainability and quality.

The Green Bean has a full menu, including breakfast. Smoke-free, nursing mama friendly, changing-table equipped, and one of the first places to get on board with our obsession with takeaway coffee.

And, y’all, I just saw that they have PSLs and Glühwein in the fall months…

Address: 22 Demirtchian Street or Khorenatsi Street

haldi 1haldi 2

Little did I know when I first found this coffee shop that it’s actually a chain with locations across Latin America… and the Caucasus. I know. There are two locations in Yerevan: the “showroom” on Demirchyan St and another small cafe on Khorenatsi St. If you weren’t looking for it, you might not find it. I would argue however that its seclusion adds to the charm. is a Colombian-themed coffee shop specializing in, you guessed it, Colombian coffees. Serendipitous, no?

With plenty of different blends to choose from, you could easily come back day after day for a brand new coffee experience. However, as fond as I am of coffee, I am no connoisseur. I usually allow the friendly and knowledgeable staff to choose for me.

Literally me: “Which one is best for a cold day like today?”

Answer: Caesar Colombiano.

The larger location on Demirchyan Street has more of a coffee-shop atmosphere with a back patio open when it’s warm. With soft white lighting and good friends, it would be easy to spend countless summer nights at


Mirzoyan Library

Address: 10 Mher Mkrtchyan Street

mirzoyan 1mirzoyan 2

If you’re looking for off-the-beaten-path in Yerevan, this is it, my friends. Hidden in a courtyard off a side road, Mirzoyan Library is part photography museum, part cafe with hip accents and an even hipper staff. The cafe is on the upper level looking over a secluded courtyard. It’s shaded by trees adorned with birdcages and fairy lights.

This is a great spot if you want to escape the busy Yerevan streets and sit al fresco on a shaded patio… if you can find it. You can relax here all day sipping tea until it’s time for an artisan cocktail. May I suggest the Rosehip Gin & Tonic?


Artbridge Bookstore Cafe

Address: 20 Abovyan Street

artbridge 1artbridge 2

With a prime location on Abovyan Street, Artbridge is a cozy blend of, well, bookstore and cafe. Although there is a smoking section that you must pass through, the non-smoking section is with natural light and earthy elements.

Artbridge may be home to Yerevan’s tallest cappuccino… that I could find at least. The coffee I ordered was a little bitter (and perhaps a tad expensive) for my tastes, it would have been the perfect atmosphere to spend an afternoon reading a book (or let’s face it, writing this awesome blog). A great stop on Abovyan to rest and regain your bearings. 



Address: 19 Saryan Street

bureaucrat 1bureaucrat 2

You will be completely enchanted the moment you step inside Bureaucrat. Located on Saryan Street, which is loaded with trendy bars and restaurants, this café is right at home. It’s the perfect place to pair your favorite book with a cozy coffee or classic cocktail.

The menu is small but the food is excellent, with even some Asian-inspired selections.

Bureaucrat is a literary-hip coffee shop and bookstore that exudes comfort. It has a modern, edgy atmosphere with an artistic vibe that elicits visions of bohemian writers sitting at the corner table. It quickly became one of my favorite spots in the city.



Address: 80 Aram Street

eatfit 1eatfit 2

As of November 2017, Eat&Fit is one of the newest cafes in Yerevan. The atmosphere is bright and natural; neutral tones and earthy elements. It prides itself as a “healthy cafe”, with a menu filled with plant-based soups, salads, sandwiches, and snacks. And believe me, in a sea of shawarma, this is a welcome alternative.

They serve fresh nut butters and cold pressed juices, fruit and granola parfaits with homemade yogurt, and – I’ll say it – the best cappuccino in the city. (Fightin’ words)

Furthermore, it is a completely smoke-free environment, another rarity in Yerevan. The most reassuring feature I have found is that every time I visit, it is always FULL of people! For a new restaurant, that’s the dream I suppose.

So there you go! Six of the best cafés in Yerevan. If you liked this, you should share with your friends and check out these other great posts!

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