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Children’s Travel Books to Inspire Wanderlust

Children’s Travel Books to Inspire Wanderlust

As travelers and as parents, we want nothing more than our children to share our love of the world. We want them to be excited and comfortable with the journey and share in the excitement of new experiences.

There is simply no greater joy to me than watching children delight in new things they see in the world.


Here is a collection of books to share with your children to foster their love of travel and spark their inner explorer!

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My First Airplane Ride

Children's travel books, My First Airplane Ride Book

A delightful story explaining one little boy’s process of flying on an airplane. From packing to going through security, he greets grandma on the other side with a big hug. Great to prepare children for their first flight!


That’s Not My Plane…

Thats Not My Plane

Ideal for young travelers, this book is a fun, tactile way to explore airplanes. I think we picked this one up at an Air and Space Museum and it has since been a favorite in our house. Children can feel the textures as they learn about the airplanes!


The Tiny Traveler Series

Tiny Traveler France

Travel to France, Japan, Italy, or Egypt. This beautiful series introduces children to colors, numbers, shapes, and nature through the lens of four countries. A primer to more advanced travel books, the Tiny Traveler Series introduces culture and concepts, perfect for bambinos exploring the world.


Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl

Lately Lily

Lily and her pal, Zeborah, travel the world with her parents, making new friends and setting off on new adventures. “Whether venturing far away or staying close to home, Lily knows that the joy of discovery is the best way to travel each and every day.”


Touch The Earth

Touch The Earth

Touch The Earth is a beautiful story with a message of conservation and stewardship. It empowers children to touch the pages in the book and teaches maps and cardinal directions. They can maneuver “The Flier” around the world by pushing buttons on the page. This charming, interactive story engages children to explore the globe and make the world a better place.


Around the World with Mouk

Around the World with Mouk

Join Mouk on his trip around the world to visit animal friends and learn about different cultures. Vividly illustrated, this story is filled with cute characters and vibrant activity. It even comes with reusable stickers!


My Granny Went to Market

My Granny Went to Market

Granny takes a magical adventure around the world collecting souvenirs from many different places! This colorful rhyming story has a beautiful rhythm and incorporates counting Granny’s varied treasures.




This enchanting picture book follows a girl on an incredible imaginative adventure. It tells a beautiful story without words, which allows parent and child to interactively discuss the storyline- which can be different every time! Using only her imagination and her red crayon, the heroine creates an elaborate world of her own and embarks on an epic journey.


Follow That Map!: A First Book of Mapping Skills

Follow that Map

This is a great book for teaching children the basic components of maps and how to read them. The children in the story are searching for their cat and dog who have gone on a great adventure. Recommended age 4-7.


Me On The Map

Me On The Map

Another great introduction to maps! The illustrations in this book are vividly colorful and the concepts simple for early learners. The young girl in the book begins with a map of her room, then of her house, then her street, becoming more complex to eventually a map of the whole world!




Alright, Y’all… can you tell I love maps? It must be the navigator in me. This one is definitely for older readers (recommended 7+) but has beautiful illustrations enticing to almost anyone. While not a complete atlas, Maps is a great addition to learn about culture, animals, and geography while being presented in whimsical drawings.


This is the World: A Global Treasury

This is the World

This is actually a collection of the author’s other travel books for children, featuring the world’s great cities: London, Sydney, San Fransisco, Hong Kong, New York and more. With delightful illustrations, this book is sure to inspire wanderlust in any bambino.


The Travel Book: A journey through every country in the world (Lonely Planet)

The Travel Book

This kid-friendly version of Lonely Planet’s popular The Travel Book takes you on a journey of over 200 countries, each with its own page filled with photos, vivid illustrations, and facts. It takes you on an exploration of the world that is a great addition to any traveler’s library. Recommended 8+.


The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A. with 50 fact-filled maps!

The 50 States

While most of the books on this list focus on world travel, take some time to get to know the United States as well. This book creates a 2-page spread of every state and brings it to life with colorful illustrations, facts, and stories, complete with a guide on state flags and presidents.


Kids’ Travel Journal

Kids Travel Journal

What a great way for a kid to record and remember a special trip! With space for creativity and writing prompts, it’s a great way for kids to get involved in a family trip. Filled with colorful graphics, this journal is a wonderful way to keep kids engaged and express their own views on THEIR travel experience!



Do you have any others that should be on this list? Leave a comment below! I would love to hear about it!


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