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7 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Traveling Gent

7 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Traveling Gent

If you have ever struggled to give a gift to a jet-setting debonair gent who has it all, you’re not alone. It’s difficult to shop for a man with style! Whether he’s Dad, Brother, or just Steve, he deserves to travel the world looking good. 

Faced with this problem of shopping for my own husband (hi honey), I’ve put together this list of gift-giving ideas for a suave fella. 

And don’t worry if you start to smell sandalwood and balsam coming from your computer. That’s how you know you’re on to something good.


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The SCOTTeVEST is a real game changer when it comes to traveling. With 25 pockets, you have space for nearly anything you’d want to travel with. Since you have the flexibility to load up the pockets with travel essentials, It frees up space in your carry-on. And its surprisingly easy to go through security with!

I bought one of these for my husband 5 years ago and it’s still his favorite thing to travel with. There are a ton of different styles and materials to choose from to suit every taste!

From Bambino Dad: Yes, the best thing for travel. Easily replaces the carry-on backpack that would normally be devoted to all the parents’ passports, eBooks, phones, and chargers. Plus, security — all you do is take off the vest and you’re good to get frisked.


Safety razor travel kit

safety razor

What’s more dashing than a brush full of lather and a safety razor shave on the go? Classic shave kits like this one have become extremely popular in recent years. Bye, bye cartridges! While it’s easier and looks more polished, you can certainly go through a specialty retailer like The Art of Shaving. But some of their kits, even the basic ones, can run you several hundred dollars. 

If you don’t want to go for the whole package or would like to sample different brands, try mixing and matching by putting your own shave kit together with all the necessary elements! Some items to include could be a razor handle, blades, cream, brush, bowl, razor sleeve, or a travel towel. Zip it all up in a suave leather carrying case or toiletry bag. 

Looking for more recommendations? Check out this website for more detailed product reviews and information!

From Bambino Dad: Yes, it’s nice to have a small set that transports easily in a carry-on, with small amounts of liquids. I love being able to still shave the same way while traveling, without buying a bunch of disposable razors.


Merino Wool Socks

wool socks

There’s one activity that every traveler will do a lot of, and that’s walking. A good pair of socks can literally make or break a trip and there are few things worse than canceling days worth of plans due to painful feet or blisters.

If I’m being honest, I’m a sucker for a good pair of wool socks. Merino wool is my favorite because it is extremely soft and durable, keeping your feet dry, cushioned, and not itchy for walking all day. 

From Bambino Dad: Tru.


Debonair Waist Bag

waist bag

Call it what you will: waist bag, waist pack, fanny pack, sports belt, security belt, money belt, day pouch, hip bag, bum bag… whatever it is, you can wear this one with pride.

Free up your hands and perfect for everyday use or while on the road. It’s a great spot for your camera, cell phone, wallet, keys, or low-sodium jerky. A deep leather finish and the smell of mahogany lets everyone know that you’re classy and practical.  So rock that waist bag, friend. 

From Bambino Dad: Fanny-packs ARE back in now…right? I think it would appeal to some people more than others. A good reminder to tailor the gift based on the person, not just try to fit the square, 1980s peg into the round and chic hole.


GPS watch

gps watch

If there’s one accessory that most men feel very personal about, it’s their watch. The right watch can tie an outfit together or throw everything off. While traveling, your gentleman needs something lightweight, durable, and functional and with so many smartwatches on the market, it’s hard to know which one is the best.

What I like about this Garmin model is that it’s completely versatile. It not only tracks activity and location (like any good personal GPS would) but has fully customizable watch faces and apps. It even has 5ATM water rating (depth up to 50m) so you can sweat, swim, and shower without worrying.

 From Bambino Dad: Whoa. Waterproof to 5ATM? That’s like 150 ft! I can shower with it too?? I like that.

Digital subscription to the Economist

Economist subscription

What swarthy gentleman traveler would be complete without keeping up with the world’s latest events by having a critical analysis by some of the world’s best journalists? The Economist is one of the leading news magazines and a digital subscription allows him to download to his tablet for easy on-the-go reading. Even more, The Economist app also comes with audio recordings of the content, providing your debonair traveler hours of listening material.

The Economist. Because you’re an adult.

From Bambino Dad: Great gift idea. I kinda want to renew mine after reading that… now I just need the time!

Travel garment bag

garment bag

Packing for any trip requires strategy. This travel garment bag is an excellent tool for the suit-wearing gent who wants to avoid folding his jacket into a suitcase or wearing his suit while he travels. Weekend wedding trip? This bag is perfect.

What I love about this bag are that they are very versatile. It has plenty of extra pockets and space so you can pack extra shirts, toiletries, and shoes all in the same bag. I’m willing to bet that depending on the length of your trip, you could probably get by with only this bag. It’s even compact enough to act as a carryon. Here’s a more detailed review of this bag!

From Bambino Dad: A bag like this is completely versatile. I take it everywhere.


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